Requested by József Gorbe, here's my take on Withings Steel HR Sport.

Requested by József Gorbe, here’s my take on Withings Steel HR Sport. Everything was built on WFD, except the withings logo.

Credits go to:
Download link:
Black version with steps:
White version with steps:


@Marco_Ferreira Wow … grateful thanks to my buddy. This is the perfect !!!
Many thanks for it!
Does this work without Universal Launcher?

@Jozsef_Gorbe yes

@Marco_Ferreira Many thanks.

Really nice! Could it be possible to include steps instead heart rate? Please

@Israel_Gonzalez I’m working on it :slight_smile:

@Marco_Ferreira Actually … We are looking forward to it. :slight_smile:

I would like to know how to put it on my FOSSIL q marshal

@Laukas Sorry, this is for full Android smartwatches. It’s not for Wear OS watches.

Another teaser. Coming soon (white version with steps):
missing/deleted image from Google+

And black version with steps:
missing/deleted image from Google+

@Marco_Ferreira difference entre android et wear os ???

Je voudrais via WatchMaker

Android smartwatch is wear os

@Laukas while it is possible to make it for WatchMaker (or Facer, or many other Wear OS apps), this community is called “©Round Android Smartwatches-Custom Faces-not Wear.”, so no wear support can be given here. The difference between full android and wear os is the operating system. Full android is the same OS you (might) have on your phone. Exactly the same. Wear OS is an adaptation of android made by Google for smartwatches, but not the standard (full) android.

@Laukas as an example of the difference, we can’t run WatchMaker on our watches. On the other side, you can’t run clockskin watches on your watch. The same difference as Wear OS vs. Samsung Tizen. We (both) can’t run GWD watch faces on our watches.

Thank you very much!

@Marco_Ferreira Thank you very much My Friend!

Poxa, não consegui fazer a Universal Launcher funcionar no meu KW99, vi que está última que você criou funciona sem a Universal Launcher, pois essa da foto que estou enviando, por favor, faz funcionar também sem a Universal Launcher. Pois gostei muito da Face.

Well, I did not get the Universal Launcher to work on my KW99, I saw that the last one you created works without the Universal Launcher, because that one from the photo I’m sending, please also work without the Universal Launcher. Because I really liked Face.missing/deleted image from Google+

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