Requested by Berilo: Citizen Eco Drive AW7030-06E

Requested by Berilo: Citizen Eco Drive AW7030-06E.
IMPROVED battery dial - should be OK now.

Original watch:




@Jacek_Klodzinski ​ very nice. Thank you very much.

@Jacek_Klodzinski if you grant permission that @Tiaan_Kotze can adjust the battery indicator, I think it would be possible if he wants to adjust.

  • Alessandro Limonta, any news?

@Alessandro_Limonta Thank you! I will do it!

@Alessandro_Limonta I have changed it to:


In ClockSkinMaker looks strange but better in the watch. I will test and if it’s OK I will upload improved version.

@Alessandro_Limonta OK. I see. Improved version uploaded (the same download link).

I would first like to thank @Jacek_Klodzinski and @Alessandro_Limonta for their dedicated hours, because the face was very beautiful.
Is the current download version already the final?
Can we test?

@Berilo_Passos Yes, it is. Test and let me know if it is OK or not.

Is working well, battery is 95% now. I’m going to test when I have 50% and return. Tks.
missing/deleted image from Google+

very nice*~☆☆☆

very nice, thank´s

Battery 83%
missing/deleted image from Google+

any time frame? from when to where?

11:17 95% / 16:16 83%

Now 22:52 with 72% battery
missing/deleted image from Google+

very nice* finow x5 plus, did you rooted it?

Looks great, Thank you

You still have the link? The link is not yet active, please send new link, thanks in advance and GODbless

Updated link