Request fulfilled. Works with Universal Launcher.

Request fulfilled. Works with Universal Launcher. If you want standard launcher compatibility, please let me know! : )

Credit Epiphone Sheraton-II…

and credit these guys…

Strum it!..

^^^UPDATE!!! Link for use with standard launcher^^^


Why did G+ “flag” the image?

I don’t know. What does it show?

When I click on the image, this pops up. Maybe they think it’s guitar porn! : )
missing/deleted image from Google+

Actually, I’ll bet that this is the issue. LMAO! … : )
missing/deleted image from Google+

@Louis_Peek you could request a review. But I’m not sure that google finished it before 2th april… :wink:

Yeah, LOL! They have enough problems.

oh that looks class. My watch should arrive on monday and I have a load of zips downloaded now to check out :):slight_smile:

You will need to install Eric’s Universal Launcher to run this one. : )

missing/deleted image from Google+

Does it work on Lemfo 2 ?

@Seyha_Music LES 2?
You should be ok as long as you have a ClockSkin folder on your watch storage.
If not just install the Universal launcher from our tech forum or the play store.

@Louis_Peek very strange that it’s been flagged by Google.
I can’t see anything here that would raise an eyebrow.
Unless it is copyright or someone is just being spiteful?

Let me know if you want/need one that will work on the stock launcher.

@Seany … or if you want/need one to work on your stock launcher that comes already on the watch, please let me know and I’ll hook you up.

@Louis_Peek I would not refuse the version for the stock :slight_smile:

Here you go. Works with standard launcher…

@Louis_Peek very grateful!

Oh excellent. Sorry I didn’t see the other reply. Thanks a million , much appreciated

Love it. And choice of both launchers. Great!!!