Request for TICWRIS MAX

Does anyone have the CLOCKSKIN file for this ‘face’. I need to change the touch link for messaging and calender to new apps.20200323_163348

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It is a stock watchface. But it shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to recreate it for your own use…

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Well I’ve never done one. I was hoping to have a rectangular landscape example to start with.

Too much to ask for?

You can look my skin

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Thank you very much Eric. Now I just need to find an example of one with touch hotspot-link to launch an app.

Hi rwcherry, I am looking for the same thing. Were you able to find a way to change the individual links? I also installed the Google Phone dial app and want to add that to the face.

Well, I’m not an expert on Android or Linux for that matter, still learning.
Not wanting to root the device, and wanting a nice home screen for the LEM T & TICWRIS MAX group, I plan to just use the built-in launcher/clockskin facilities with the array type 100, to add the touch link.
In my case I found the built-in messaging app to be useless and replaced it with Pulse SMS. It would be different in your case depending on what apps you meant to link.
I’ve built a couple of home screens to test it, but nothing I’d want to release yet.

As an example here is a home screen I’m working on for Tin Can (Destroyer) sailors. It will have a ships chronometer top center to satisfy the time element and then a few active buttons along side to launch other functions.



Cool! What software are you using?
You will be adding links to different apps on your home screen?
I want to learn how to do it :slight_smile:

I think most people use Photoshop, illustrator, power point or something similar to create the background images. I am using Photoshop for this one. The images need to be in .png format. Beyond that there are Watchface designer for the active elements or I’ll probably just hand edit the XML for the rest of the elements.

Yes I plan to have active buttons for the most used functions, such as voice calls, text messaging, calendar, etc. I’ll also have a few other things like battery level, etc.

Have you been created a face with the interactive features that you can share?

where can i find this watchface?

It is a stock watchface. We have a deal with this company: They don’t copy our work and we don’t copy their work. So you won’t find it here.