REQUEST CASIO RC-4000 watch face

CASIO RC-4000 _ An Original Seiko ‘Apple Watch’ From 1988 Is up for Auction , Thirty-three years ago, the Seiko WristMac might have been the first true Apple Watch. …

I ever have like wrist PDA watch casio datebank , also can memo function .

A picture would be helpful…

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Hi @G1NT0N1C …Hope I am not butting in…but I looked up “An Original Seiko ‘Apple Watch’ From 1988 Is up for Auction” and this is what came up, so I think this is the watch he is talking about?


Credit: SEIKO - RC-4000 - Databank - Vintage Digital Watch -

A search for “Casio RC-4000” comes up as this Seiko model…Casio, as far as I can determine…does not have a RC-4000 model…hope it is the one he is after! Or at least I hope these pics help! Cheers, Doons

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thank you for support picture RC400