Request by Z G - The Breitling Transocean Chronograph Unitime A busy watch.

Request by - The Breitling Transocean Chronograph Unitime

A busy watch. :wink:

With rotating globe in the background.
Outer ring with world times does rotate too.

Small hands show day of week, month and batterylevel.


Made 99% in WFD.
Borrowed the rotating globe from the www.


Have Fun!


Wow, very nice! I thought about a rotating globe for this face, too. Well done!

@G1NT0N1C I’m not sure what it does to the battery, but it looks cool. :wink:

Dear watchface makers, I want to kindly ask that why my recent request is not accepted by you?
It realluy dissappoints me. Did I do any mistake? I really want to positively effect the community.

Very nicely done !!! :ok_hand:

@Nurlan_Ismayilbeyli I imagine the watch face makers are quite busy atm , its only been 2 weeks :wink: ( my request is into week 9 )

@Nurlan_Ismayilbeyli This community is not like a Mc Donalds Restaurant: If you order a burger in this community, It’s possible that you have to wait a week or longer, an then someone else come in and get a whole meal during 5 minutes… sometimes you wait more then 2 weeks- without getting anything.
But the main different between this community and Mc Donald is: Noone here gets money for serve you, and no customer ever payed a single cent.

“This community is not like a Mc Donalds Restaurant”…
Heh-heh. Well, very funny and polite … You cheered me, bro!
Heartily, thank you!

@Nurlan_Ismayilbeyli I see you made your first face yourself. After a lot of practice even the most challeging face is possible.
I have a totally random way of picking out requests.
Sometimes i pick a really different one and sometimes i’m lazy and pick an easy one.
On other days i just take a beer and watch netflix :wink:

@Bert_van_de_Bovenkamp thank you for your feedback. I just can do something on Photoshop. Writing scripts and designing movements are very difficult for me. I am looking for my requests. Have nice days.

Great! Nice looking face!!!

How do I download?

When I click the download file, its zipped

Hey Bert! Have you seen my GEARz watchface? This is cool making these! I was hoping you could tell me how you make and post the animated GIF images please in your posts. Thank you! :smiley: I am also working on a request for a Land Rover face. Can you please tell me what credits I need to post or other problems involved with making faces from proprietary images? Can I put “Land Rover” on it? Maybe someone else here knows also. If you’d rather not say, that’s ok too.

@Bryan_Bass and what model of watch are you going to use this face on, I wonder?

I figured out the GIF thing.

How to use this zip in watchmaker

@Dr_Rocky Nothing here will work with watchmaker. You are in the wrong community, mate. This is for full android watches.

So how to install this zip in my Samsung s3

Your Samsung s3 OS is Tizen. The watches here are running on Android. No way to use this faces here on your s3.