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Request by Ok Win8




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Simple and nice :+1:t2:

But can you please remove the numbers shadow like the original watch face

WOW, that’s great, thanks a lot :smiley:

It’s not your own design, so please add a credit link, that’s our rules.

After searching, I believe this to be a SKMEI 1300. Here’s the link:

Thanks, @Marco_Ferreira !

@David_Koren would be awesome if u claim the request for you next time because someone may also do it and his time is wasted then or we enjoy 2 of the same faces from different makers. :wink:

I put it together in about an hour or two, so it was basically done when I decided to claim

hehe you would waste 15 minutes of my time mate so nevermind :wink: greets good work btw

@David_Koren , would you add the credit link to your post, please? You can revise your post if you click the dots on the upper right side of your post.

did you create the clock with WFD? How did you do that with the seconds?

@Marco_Riedner He used a combination of DigitalClockLayers for the seconds. One as light bits and another as mask out. Try to import it to WFD (File->Import Clockskin…) and you’ll see what I mean :slight_smile:

Thanks for the hint. It was not clear that you could import existing faces and modify them if necessary. Please excuse me if I repeat myself but you are doing a great job with the software. A big thank you