Request by Kevin Howell - Casio Pedometer Credits: Download:

Request by Kevin Howell - Casio Pedometer


Remake from another watchface. Don’t know if that’s an original Casio because i couldn’t find a modelnumber anywhere.

time (hour and minutes)
time (seconds in 10 blocks)
day of week
day of month
AM/PM/24H works also

Have Fun!


Thank you very much . They are excellent watch faces

@kevin_howell I can check that out tomorrow

Many thanks, nice work.

@kevin_howell sorry mate, I have to delete this post. No discussion about watchmaker here. Thanks.

@Milosh_Dobrijevich It shows the seconds from 1 to 10.

@Bert_van_de_Bovenkamp hey man how did u make this bar under clock? For seconds??

I sow jus second ago. Hehe

How to create it to be line? Wher u create it?

That’s a tricky one.

You have to make make 10 pictures.
One for every digit 0 to 9.
The instead of showing the digit, show the picture.

Looks like this in WFD.

PS. I used WFD to make the 10 pictures too.
missing/deleted image from Google+

Big thanx…So, can it be made the circle style for second with this way?

@Milosh_Dobrijevich Not exactly like this. You need 60 ticks, but you have just 10 digits.

How to download and set the watch for Wear Os 2.0

Please notice the name of our community… NOT WEAR

@G1NT0N1C i noticed it , but i sow it a lot in wear faces. And dondt know the way to create it for pure android. Tnx…

@Milosh_Dobrijevich :slight_smile:
It’s possible, but you need 2x digital sec. The last one to display the single dots 6times: 0 for 0,10,20,30,40,50. 1 for 01,11,21,31,41,51. And so on.
The first one covers the dots, that you won’t display: Sec 00-09: everything covered expect 00-09. Sec. 10-19 everything covered expect 10-19, dots for 00-09 shown on pic. And so on.
I will try to post an example tomorrow.

the AM/PM/24 is not working on my NO1 d5+ any thoughts on a remedy Thanks

@Tony_Devey Did you change the date settings on your watch from 24H to 12H?

@kevin_howell I allready told you that we don’t want any discussion about watchmaker here. Please stop it. Delete.

Don’t understand , most watch faces run through watchmaker indeed this face and my original post ran the face through that program.