Replacing LEM10 band

Has anyone replaced the band on their LEM10? I have the leather one and want to replace it with a different band but I can’t figure out how to take it off. Normally I’d think it was a spring bar but it doesn’t seem to move on either side enough to remove.

yes it can’t be installed without spring bar…

do you have like this or plain one?


in bottom one… you just need to pul that tiny lever inwards, and remove it … And in above image… you need some small screwdriver or some sharp tool…


and you can remove that easily.

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I really appreciate it. It is definitely not the bottom one. It is a totally solid bar with absolutely no indication of any springs and it fits extremely tightly in the holes on both sides. So in theory it would be more like the top one, but I see no grooves, springs, or anywhere else to put a tool. I have never worked with a watch like it before and I can’t figure out any way to pull the bar down or insert any sharp tool into there since there is no space. Oh well.

EDIT - I do have the tool on the right below, and after some more effort I was actually able to do it. Thanks again.


Could you please try with some knife… in my childhood I used to use a knife when straps were too tight … I still remember my CASIO watch. Knifes are usually find the grove if you move the slightly close to the edge.

I’m glad that worked. :slight_smile: Have a good day ahead… .or good night if it is night there.

Hi, there is a little pin that you need to pull toward the other side.

I have replaced mine with my Fitbit Versa band and it works nicely.