Removing bubbles from screen protector

My Prime came with a protective screen already on but there was a slight bubble which I couldn’t remove, so I took off the protector to place it on again but now there are more bubbles than before! Is there any way to sort this?

So am i right in assuming you have the usual TWO protectors ? The second one is harder to see . Be very careful . Once both removed there should be no bubbled

Normally there should be a 2nd protective film in the packaging. It is not possible to mount a removed foil a second time.

There was a first protective screen with a bit sticking out for easy removal, when I removed that, I noticed a slight bubble in the one underneath. I tried to move that bubble but to no avail so removed the cover and of course there was a lovely perfectly smooth surface under it but for the added protection I tried replacing the cover but now there are the extra bubbles.

You are right, there is a second protective screen. Perhaps I should try that instead.

Make sure that you removed the old one. There are two on the screen when gut unbox the watch.

Yes, I did remove the two but tried to put back the second one and that’s when the bubbles appeared worse. I am going to try the spare screen protector and hopefully, that will do the trick. But to be honest I am a little nervous about messing it up but my son in law is popping down for a visit tomorrow and I’ll get him to try it. He is handy with such things.

I confess that I always remove the foils immediately. The screens are very rubust

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So, it OK to use without the protective screen? I suppose it is as long as one is careful :slight_smile:

Of course, I cannot make the decision for you. I don’t need a foil, my workplace is an office room.
The touch sensitivity is also better without foil.


Absolutely. I am retired now, in any case, so not too many opportunities to do the rough stuff of yesteryear unless deliberately so. LOL. Anyway, I agree the touch sensitivity seems more responsive without the screen protection.

Also retired and always remove the screen protectors. If I decide to engage in something I think questionable I simply remove the watch until I am finished. I the several years using these watches have never had an issue. But as they say, " to each their own." It is an individual decision to use or not.

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I left mine on, but just 2 weeks in and I scratch it at the edge - I have LEMFO LEM T - and I’m happy that it didn’t crack the glass. Now I have ugly scrape at the bottom left side.
I was thinking to grind it carefully so I can make the glass edge rounded up. It stick out for some reason! Who ever design that wasn’t thinking much! Id the edge of the glass was inside a protector, it would protect the glass. I guess they want to sell these over and over! ha ha ha
Does anyone knows if I can buy the replacement glass?
Also, the coating/plating on the 4 contacts - charging + data - is gone! Bad quality job and now I have a hard time to charge the watch! Anyone has any idea how to fix that?
I wish the operating system was much closer to 10 or 11. I find lots of limitations with version 7.1.2 or whatever it is.
Thanks for any comment and thank you guys!

it is advised to change the charging pins with a small amount of alchohol .