Released: [Rectanglr-Portrait] v2.0 updated! LEM10 Clockskin CASIO AQ440 -ish

My first Lem10 watchface for stock launcher (stock only) .

Based on the CASIO AQ 440 and my own rendition. UPDATE: Distance and calories added! Has most functions available to us. Calories are calculated using your built in health app personal bio settings.

DO NOT: attempt to open watch in any app; specially clockskinmaker, you WILL break the delicate coding!

320x360 pixels



Great work and well done for being the first for the Lemfo Lem 10 :+1::+1:

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@Dr_Andy_Vishnu Watch faces like these are really perfect for the screen. :slight_smile: if you have requests, let me know in a month or so when you finally get the watch :smiling_imp:

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How about this watchface for the Lem 10. This is one of the Lem 4 watchfaces.


@Jonathan_Bickel Interesting design. But you must ask permission from LEMFO as its their copyrighted design :laughing: It looks home-brewed

For more requests please use separate threads, just to keep this one about this watch heh

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Actually I copied the picture from the Square Watchface link on this forum. Does it come pre-installed on the watch?

Thats very kind of you . Thankyou

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@R_Sauvalle While I don’t own a Lem10 (Or any other square smart watch for that matter) I sure can appreciate the watch face and the time and effort that must have went into creating it. Nice one R_Sauvalle! :+1: Cheers, Doons

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Hey, there’s an old saying:

“the one who waits for something good never waits too long”

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hey buddy, thanks! Not much time compared to a certain poker face (sorry for the pun) hehe
there are good tools out there that make creating a lot easier, like WFD etc.

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ahh you said “one of LEM4’s watch faces” that means it was property of LEMFO. I see you meant to say it for LEM4. OK, I can do it if you ask for permission from developer. Just remember there’s a category in this forum for face requests. This thread is about this particular watchface

Fits the watch well and looks good but no 24 hour option.

Thanks! The reason it’s 12h (I prefer 24h) is that with 24 numbers on that disc, it became VERY cluttered and not nice at all to look at.

Ok, still a great watch face.

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skin updated v2 including now distance and calories and possible fix for universal launcher users. link to file updated :slight_smile: enjoy.-


Thanks mate . Appreciated :wink: