Released: [Rectanglr-Portrait] LEM10 - New Retro Wave (animated)

Clockskin stock Lem10 launcher, will NOT work under UL, parts are not compatible.
UL Version at the bottom!

Cool New Retro Wave inspired, rectangular clockskin for LEMFO LEM10 and similar. Slow 1FPS animated background. (clockskin limitation)

Analog (12hr) date and weekday
Outer ring: Seconds
Middle ring: Battery level
Inner ring: Steps, from 1000 to 99 999 depending on your system health setting, aka. “walk goal”.
Don’t modify or you will kill special array coding for step ring.


Universal launcher version:


Wow, this one blow me down! Thx for sharing!!!


Hey thanks! Looks great on the watch :slight_smile:

Thanks for the rgb tip!


Looks great mate . Love it :wink:


Hello, love your design! when I put your face on my kospet hope I noticed the seconds ring was misaligned. (both X cordinates need to be changed to 200). I wanted to see how WFD handled a screen size of 400x450. (see attached clock_skin_model file) .


Thanks Edward!

P.S. The Steps center ring does not work

Hey it sounds to me you missed the first line I typed; it doesn’t work with Universal launcher, and I also explained why.

Thanks for your comment. I’ll post a universal launcher version that’s a little different but works in ulauncher.


Hey Thanks! @R_Sauvalle I did miss it and Always Learning. Looking Forward to a UL VERSION! :grinning:

@Edward try this UL version: (middle ring now stuck at 10k steps goal, animation now 15FPS)

let me know how it works. also, let animation load in, it’s about 4MB so it might need a sec or two for the animation to show.