Released: [Rectanglr-Portrait] LEM10 - Green/Autumn skin, debuting new features. Stock Launcher

My second release for LEMFO LEM10’s rectangular screen.

This skin has… well… everything. New functions for stock launcher such as calories and distance measured. Calories will be computed using the health system settings on your watch. Distance might be able to show miles too (I use km setting)
The middle lowest screen will tell you all about the health stats. Second arm has dynamic shadowing, to make it look more realistic. All graphics are custom made by me. Do no re-share.

Neon metallic green & Autumn Wood/Leather metal both included in the .zip. Works with stock launcher. (UL version might be in the works in the near future)



@R_Sauvalle Well mate, I loaded this on to my Kospet lite and of course the edges were slightly cut off (And yes folks, I knew that would happen, but I just wanted to see the face in actions, so to speak) but every function of the face seemed to be working perfectly to me…so another great face mate! :+1: Cheers, Doons

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thanks buddy! do miles show correctly? how about temp? can you take a picture of the watchface? If I remember correctly you are american, right? I wanted to check something on your watch

Great stuff mate . Keep em coming :+1:

Hi Mate…Er…American…nope!..Aussie…Yep! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Sorry about the clarity of the picture of my watch, but put it down to the el cheapo mobile phone I own! :roll_eyes: Down under we use kilometers now days (Used to be miles back when I was a rug rat!) But, as far as I can tell, the miles measurement is reasonably close. Time, date, power indicator, steps are all accurate. Calories…who knows? :rofl: Moon phase is close. But you are correct, the temperature is out by about 20 degrees (Celsius) I must admit that I didn’t pay any attention to the temperature when I was first looking at the watch, Sorry! :woozy_face: Anyway, hope the pic helps and let me know if there is anything else I can help you with mate. And I do think it is a smashing face! :+1: Cheers, Doons

Hey! Thanks for your comment :slight_smile:

hey, thanks for your reply! Sorry, got the hemisphere wrong :slight_smile: So I was wondering if temperature is working now? If it is, then I will remove the “C” from there. what temp scale do you use? Thanks for the heads up and the pic looks pretty good, just a little dark room but it’s good for contrast of the watch. If you like the watchface I could try to squeeze it into a round friendly size. Not sure :slight_smile:

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@R_Sauvalle No worries about the hemisphere mate…sometimes, after a night on the sauce! :beer:…I get em mixed up too! :grin: The temperature on the watch face is staying at 7c (Our temp scale is Celsius) so must be something not compatible with the Kospet there? But after al it was designed for another watch entirely! I also forgot to mention that the heart rate monitor is working spot on. If anyone could squeeze a square peg into a round hole, it would be you mate! :rofl: But don’t worry about trying to make the face round on my account. I simply liked all the ideas on it and just wanted to see how it would work on the Kospet. Cheers, Doons

2 days after original post…Hold the front page!!! The temperature is working 100% mate! Some Twerp (Who shall remain nameless! :woozy_face::laughing:) didn’t reset the temperature setting on his watch when he installed this face…when this Pillock finally realised his mistake…he discovered that the temperature is working absolutely correctly. Dear Lord, I hope that @R_Sauvalle ain’t been messing with the temperature component of his watch face on account of the wrong information…er…some unknown person (?!!)…gave him! Cheers, Doons

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ok, thanks for the update! I appreciate it, now I can resume working on my usual stuff again :wink: just kidding


Am i going mad or did you originally post this in a single colour before " green and autumn " ? Maybe i dreamt it ?

I’m not telling… Maybe you are going mad, maybe you aren’t. :smiling_imp: just kidding, the release is this one, with summer and autumn flavors in a zip
I did release a cool Casio influenced one, maybe you confused them both? So did yours arrive today?

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Haha . I am mad . Yes , had a few hours :+1: looking good


Please if someone can reup the links

Moved to lost round faces. If anybody has a copy, pleas let me know.