Released: [LEM10/Rect] DENOVO DN2020 Adaptation


Here’s a complete reworked DN2020 Rectangular adaptation.
Clockskin, stock launcher tested.
LEM10 denovo


Left ring tap = update weather
Right ring tap = google assistant
Center ring tap = clock functions such as chrono, alarm, timer… (swipe)
Center ring arm is battery, the digits shows battery x10. The orange circle represents steps with 10k steps goal. Use the tickmarks as x1000 (I might be able to fix it to show user defined steps goals from launcher settings instead).

Based on the round face, released by me for universal launcher with fully working chrono and zoom in/out of bezels: (I might release this one for clockskin in the future. as of now, forum policy doesn’t allow me to release it unless I have a clockskin version first)

graphics created by me, except the screws.


Awesome work. Could you please share the circular one without bezels?


Top job as always :+1: . Still loving the Lem10 :wink:

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Read the comment about the round one. You can zoom in and out of bezels. You press the center. It’s ul only, not clockskin. I will release the round whenever I feel like making a clockskin version as well. Forums rules.

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A very Awesome Job, Fantastic work.

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Please make more watchfaces like these for the Lem10 and other rectangle watches.

I have released some more faces. Check this subforum for them. Thanks for your comments

I love all your watchfaces and I am using all of them,please make more watchfaces like these for the Lem10

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Please if someone can reup the links