Rectangular Watchface - Fallout PipBoy v1.1

Hello guys! I just got my Ticwris Max smartwatch in the mail on Saturday and I spent all of Sunday looking for faces. Couldn’t find any good ones so I ended up having to make my own.

It’s inspired by the Fallout PipBoy. Comes in Green, White, Amber, Blue and Red.

This is 640x480. Across the top, Stats is the default screen. Tapping Data opens File Explorer, tapping Maps opens Google Maps (Must be installed). Tapping the weather icon opens the weather.

On the left, the Phone icon opens the Phone. The Speech Bubble is currently set to open Discord (Must be installed) but if you’re savvy you can edit the clockface.xml file and substitute your own application. The mail icon opens up Gmail. (Must be installed).

Tapping on the Center opens the clock settings.

On the bottom is the Health which is supposed to show your heartrate, but I don’t think it’s working right. Date is on the bottom center, and battery is on the bottom right.

The face is fully functional. I may make some revisions in the future.

PipBoy Green Model

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A credit link is needed. Please add this credit link:

Not sure how to edit a topic once it’s been posted, but I will keep this in mind for the future, thanks!

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Thank you!

Great work and welcome on board :+1:

@G1NT0N1C I’ve got a new version I wanted to update, but I still can’t edit my post, and I can’t include images or links in replies! Do I have to make some more posts before I unlock these features?

Yes, you are still at the “new user” level. If it is a change of the watchface, create a new post.

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