Rectangular Watchface - Fallout PipBoy 1.5 - With Animated Update!

Hey guys! So here’s an update of my PipBoy 1.1 Watchface to 1.5 with a few fixes.

  • Touch zones have been tweaked to be more accurate.
  • Touch zones are now all stock. Phone, SMS, Gmail, and Google Assistant (Google services must be installed) - You can change these in clock_face.xml. I recommend installing APK Info to find the activities
  • Artwork has been cleaned up and updated to proper 640x480. Less fuzzy!
  • Weather icons are now larger
  • Step Counter now works!
  • Bottom of screen: Date in Year/Month/Day format, XP is your step counter, HP is your heartrate (Still slow, sorry! But it works!) and AP is battery.
  • If you don’t want the Vault Boy in the background, you can just replace image1vault.png with image1.png.
  • Animated Vault Boy is now available if you overwrite your directories with the PipBoy 1.5 update at the bottom of this post.

Credit to Original PipBoy:


1.5 Update: Now with animated Vault Boy and a slight tweak to the date. Simply unpack the zip into your directories and reload the watch skin. Vault Boy Walks!

Google Drive Link: Pipboy Collection - Google Drive

1.5 Update Pack:


Good job! Thanks for sharing!

Thanks! It’s funny but I essentially had to recreate all the artwork from scratch when I realized the screen resolution issue, but that’s what I get for using other skins to learn from! But now that I know what I’m doing, it’s surprisingly easy, especially if you’re using ClockSkinMaker. I just wish it supported touch zones directly, I had to figure those out on my own.

Love it :+1: nice one

And I just figured out how to do animated backgrounds. I will probably upload an ‘alternate pack’ later for switching out the static Vault Boy with the animated one once I’m done fiddling with it.


Updated with animated Vault Boy!