Recover project started, not saved and lost to a crash

Is there any way to recover a project started in WFD, but not saved and lost to a crash

Crash of your PC or WFD?

WFD, not my PC

In prior versions WFD used to create a XML that you could reopen after a crash. Look for it. Its been a while since I had a crash.


Thanks Edward, I do recall that was the case and I’ve combed my PC to no avail

I have WFD in my Desktop Directory. As you can see there are autoBackup_#.xml files, try opening that.

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Edward - I really appreciate your dogging this for me, unfortunately my desktop no longer shows that file.

Yours may be somewhere else on your system, I use Desktop so I get an icon. WFD doesn’t install its self there. Thus the auto backups on my system go there, or the directory you run WFD from.

WFD does not delete the auto backup files by its self thats why on my system you see several files.

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Your observations are entirely on target… I did find autobackup in the WFD folder, but the “lost” project wasn’t there because I hadn’t saved any part before the crash.

AGAIN, thanks for your input!

Sorry, that can happen sometimes!

So now, I save every couple of minutes (hoping not to forget)

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