Recommended watch

Hi every body, unfortunely i loosed my kospet prime and now i search for a new FAW. I want a metal round watch with big screen.
Could U help me to choose the good one?
thanx :wink:

There are no metal round watches available for Android because of the antennas.
The body is always injection mould plastic these days unless the straps are not removable.
Currently I think only the LEM14 and LEM15 are still in production.

There is a small possibility that Kospet or lemfo will be releasing a new Android watch, but unless I get confirmation - we just have to wait and see.

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Well, finow X5 and Lemfo Y3 are metallic, no?

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Yes they are.
They do not have removable straps because the antenna is in the strap :+1:

The other problem is - I don’t think they are available anymore…?

But anyway, the simple rule is:
Metal body = fixed strap, containing antenna.
Injection ABS body = possible to have internal antenna and change straps.