Recent task wallpaper?

Hi everyone, I have a Lemfo LEMP with Android 9.1 and a day ago I noticed on the recent task menu a background wallpaper just appeared here and I don’t know how did this occurred, or how can I remove it since it really don’t like me.

I have doubts if this is related just after install an speedometer app or not. The wallpaper lies just behind the recent apps layer, so to take a picture I have to scroll-right the apps layer as you may notice.

Can anybody help me with it without having to factory reset the watch?

I can’t check it on the LEM P right now. But usually you can find the reset option in the settings. Either under “updates” or “about watch”.

Yeah i’m just saying i’m still trying NOT to reset the watch, that will be the last instance.

It’s just so weird this thing that is almost ridiculous, I don’t know how it appeared there really…

Ok, then I misunderstood your question.
I suspect that it is an app that you have given administrator rights to. That’s why it can’t be closed this way.
You could try uninstalling the apps that are in question.

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Oh yes I’d tried but still stood there, looks like I’m gonna have to reset the entire watch…

Normaly not a big deal. I always switching betwen different firmwares. Setting it up again usually takes no more than an hour. In my case.

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Yes but I have about twenty-five apps installed, haha.

Anyway, I DID IT!!! The wall was setted there by the File Commander app by accident, I managed to remove it with it (really I setted some very small black pic taken from a clockface folder over there as a new wallpaper).

pd: it’s strange, this app File commander have the advantaje to let us open a picture or set it as wallpaper. When I did this, it seems the wall was seted over the android main screen instead as a watchface background layer (which seems to be that background we see on the recent apps screen and for a couple of seconds when the watch is starting).

The problem with this is, that our FAWs was not designed to this behavior, then there is no chances to remove it from there by easy mechanisms. That’s why I decided to set a small black image .jpg file as a wall paper again and let the background screen like was before all this.

I’m glad that you solved it! :+1:

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