Really like the cut of the LEMFO lf16's jib.

Really like the cut of the LEMFO lf16’s jib. Although not a dealbreaker, is it still the case with “KW88 firmware” based watches like this one that community-made faces can’t support battery, heart rate and weather arrays? If the main KW88 engine supports them, is it just a matter of time before that nut is cracked? Thanks guys.

If you use the standalone launcher from @Eric_Crochemore ​ you can use any of the watch faces you like. It’s really come a long way and has add widget support as well. It is a custom version of the stock launcher so it looks almost the same…
I use it all the time :+1:

Awesome thanks so much guys will head on over to the pro boards and check Eric’s launcher out :slight_smile: