Read full notifications & answer notifications on AllCall W1

Mar 31, 2018 0:23:19 GMT 1 paulr said:
Thanks for the suggestions, however I am getting to understand the watch a bit better, and although it will not do the phone but and the WiiWatch connection at the same time, I have loaded gmail and outlook so I get emails when on WiFi or 3G, phone by when working, & wii bt at the end of the day. So, getting there. Would still be easier if it did both though, and the phone integrated with the contacts so I knew who was ringing, like my 3 year old S1 does!

Now I need to get the hang of loading some more watch faces in!

1. you know that you can get all notifications on your watch by installing all the apps that on your phone on your watch, same for whatsapp.
2. it is very easy: