Re-sharing as the sales are upon us....

Re-sharing as the sales are upon us… I will be re-posting the best of the crop.
Google search for the best deals.

Added bonus from Microwear Tech - not really for the H2 but may be of interest for some:

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Another fantastic watch available in the sales - the Microwear Tech H2.
1gb ram and 16gb storage this is a great looking new watch on the market and available for less than $100 USD!! This watch has the MTK 6580 chipset with 4 cores, 400x400 screen and also the Bluetooth calling ability without SIM card. It has the SIM card available as well of course - like all our stand alone smart watches.
Officially supported by us in our Tech Forum here
Just google this watch and get the best available price
These are FYI posts and so no commenting - please just have a look on Google for the best prices and more info and availability.