Ralf Tech Torpedo

Credit: Ralf Tech

Ralf Tech modeled a watch after a torpedo hatch!

I adapted the reflex gauges to demonstrate the battery level; as the top one drains the bottom one fills!


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Thanks, louis. Can see this being a huge hit.

Thank you! I had to include the humongous bezel because it has the numbers on it, in turn making the seconds dial tiny. I am not a big fan of bezels on these watch faces. I figure people can enlarge it with UL if they want to. Thanks again!:slightly_smiling_face:

I’m in awe…Incredible Louis!

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Thanks, man!:sunglasses:

Mate, it looks like something out of “Run Silent, Run Deep”! :diving_mask::laughing: I mean you could get a serious case of Rapture of the deep just looking at the thing! :octopus::whale: :rofl:But a nice piece of work Louis (As always mate!) Cheers, Doons

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@Louis_Peek: perfect! more than genial :ok_hand:
A real delight for the eyes :star_struck:

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Impressed as always :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:


Wow, that’s unbelievably good work. Thank you, @Louis_Peek!

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Very nice, as always.Great!


…Bond. James Bond.

I know! I know! This is your other car when your not driving the Holden, right? :diving_mask::woozy_face::rofl: Cheers, Doons


Great work my friend and thank you for you time building it

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As you know Louis, I never take anyone’s word for anything (Especially Forum members! :laughing:) So I loaded this on to my Kopst Hope with standard launcher and it near as dam it works! Two interesting differences are 1) I only get the shadow of the hands and not the hands themselves and 2) The reflex gauges are all green and all red (And my battery level is about 80%) But it is still an awesome looking face mate! Cheers, Doons
P.S. This is not intended as a criticism or an attempt to get you to change anything Louis, just wanted to let you know what it looked like when I loaded it mate!

Right! This will only work in UL because of the GIFs, as you know.

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