R.W. Smith Series 3 - Designed and made on the Isle of Man (UL)

Just ten watches are crafted each year and each is a work of mechanical art in the fashion of George Daniels. Prices range upward of $200,000 (@Doonsbury will have to work overtime)… 100% WFD




CREDIT: RWSmithWatches.com

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“Doonsbury will have to work overtime” Ah doubledad,if nothing else you are a master of the understatement! With a price tag in excess of $200,000 the ole Doons would be working overtime for about 35 years after he had shuffled off this crazy merry go round ! :woozy_face: :rofl: But I no canna deny laddie that it be a grand face! :crazy_face: :laughing: Cheers, Doons