Quick tips and handy info

Just replaced battery in optimus 2 with kospet prime battery works a treat.
Anyone else found any handy tips


That’s good to know. If you have any pictures don’t hesitate to post them.

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And if you bought a new prime battery for this a link to the purchase would be good. A lot of users get confused when buying batterys :+1:

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Dont use FAW but I assume scrcpy works great on FAW’s with no latency and full mouse and keyboard support. (just enable ADB debugging on the watch)

also, to change quickly system wide dpi (on the fly) use adb shell

CMD (admin) and then
adb shell
wm density
(will show current dpi) then use larger number to increase size of all graphical elements)
wm density 180 (will change to dpi 180 on the fly, watch how the app realigns instantly almost)

Where exactly was this post meant to go :grin:

I dunno, I wanted to be original here :wink: it’s rather nice to use your computer as a screen for your FAW with no lag :wink: “Quick tips and handy info”, you know? :rofl:

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Haha fair enough :rofl::rofl:

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