Quick tip to access "Allow notifications"

Hi to all,

Been a while since my last post.
I found a workaround when you install an app and you want to allow that ap to access your notifications, and your watch does not have that access in the settings.
If i remember correctly, the LEMP had that issue and now i do own a V20Max with the same issue.

Whenever an app like Square Hone or Google Assistant wants to have access to the notifications, to read them, you end up in the settings at the main menu. Even apps showing the hidden settings could not find that access panel.

I got lucky with 2 apps. The first one is the universal launcher that you can find here in another thread. The other one is on the Play store and is called Glimpse Notifications.

Both apps will ask you to enable the access to read the notifications when starting up. For some reasons, they are able to display directly the settings, allowing you to enable the access for any apps.

I find Glimpse Notifications a bit easier to use for this purpose. Launch the app, it will ask you the access, but do not enable it for the app itself. Enable the other app that you need and close the Glimpse Notifications app.

So if you can’t enable that access, use those two apps to open the settings directly on that page.

Have a great day!


A good found. Thank you for sharing. :+1:

Great find . Thanks . I did notice that UL also helps in the setting up of some of the new A8.1 watches which i didnt expect ( more access than stock )