Questions about different launchers and rooting full android smartwatches

I have a Kospet Prime and I am using it almost every day, but I have some questions and I hope that somebody will answer them. Thank you please.
In this forum I read about stock launchers, universal launchers and rooted devices.
Is there any good reason for me to root my Kospet Prime or use universal launcher, and not using the default stock launcher which is already in the firmware (1.7b)?
For me it is unclear what the differences or (dis)advantages are for the Kospet Prime or any other full Android smart watches,
I hope that somebody can explain what kind of (extra) possibilities I’ll get after rooting the smartwatch of use universal launcher.
Why is there sometimes a difference between watchfaces for stock launcher and universal launcher, is it not always compatible? What kind of problems you migh get?

Morning . So here we go -

Stock launcher is on all watches when you buy ( what you see is what you get )

Universal launcher gives you more options over the stock launcher . Read the UL thread and you will see . Give it a try as you have nothing to lose .
UL will allow you to use faces that wont work correctly on stock launcher . Using UL faces with stock launcher in some cases can brick your watch ( but fixable )

Full android watches are what they are " Full Android Watches " . Thats the main advantage over other watches . This is what makes them so much fun as you have a watch behaving like a android phone .

As for rooting personally i would forget it as its for advanced users ( developers etc ) . It lets you alter things internally etc .



If you have no idea why you should root your watch, then you should not root it. I personally have never rooted one.


Me neither :+1:. Good morning eric :wink:

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