Question on Oppo Watches as Full Android Watch Consideration

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I realize that there have been a smaller number of full Android watches in 2022 compared to past years. In that frame, I was surprised to see a post, several weeks, about the Oppo Watch 3 Pro. The watch runs Color OS (which is a flavor of full Android), and has the potential to run the Play Store along with the full suite of Android apps. I am wondering if there is any work being done on the Oppo Watch 3 Pro, for example, to bring the same vision to what presently exists on the Kospets and Lemfos?

You can read the full review here. And the watch can be purchased from Giztop for $389.00, althought I have seen it for as low as $289 on Aliexpress as well.

Please note that I neither work for or endorse this watch. I am simply a fan of tech and smartwatches, and so am asking from this vantage point.

Thank you.


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Well, this watch features a modified wear OS system. Even if it should be available for the European market at some point - it will not be a full android watch but a wear OS device. So not our dance area…


I’ve been using Oppo phones and watches for a number of year - great gear and ColorOS is excellent but their watches do not provide anywhere near as much functionality as, say, the Optimus 2. I’m in Australia and Oppo are yet to release an e-sim compatible watch, FYI.

Well, as already said: The Oppo Watches have a modified wear OS. So it’s not something we’re going to discuss here.