Quartz hour advance

With Auto rotation set to 24Hour/quartz, my Prime SE doesn’t jump from hour to hour as it should, rather it moves smoothly.

I am using the UL… Does anyone know why this would happen when in WFD it does jump from one hour to the next?

This is because you use SL instead of UL. It only works on UL

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But I am using UL…

There’s probably a bug then…

The behavior exists both in my Prime and lemfo watch, perhaps the watch software does not recognize the command for the auto rotation 24 hour, although it does minutes seconds and hours

it is rotation 7, right ?
It should work…

Eric - I don’t have the technical expertise to tell you if it is “rotation 7”, all I know is that I selected “Auto Rotation/24Hour” and it doesn’t work. Below is a link to the file, perhaps you can test it on your watch…

Please open the “LouisVuittonWorldTime.xml” file again
in WFD and export it back to a separate folder and see if it works the way you wanted.

Thanks, Vlad, but that does not solve the problem…

Strange the clockskin xml file is not standard, two times the same things. Other than that it looks like a rotation 7.

Thank you for your continued attention… I do not understand your comment that “the clockskin xml file is not standard, two times the same things”.

Is there something I need to change?

No, it will probably not change anything, but it’s a bug in wfd. I have not tested this face yet.

You could try the following: Export after you finish the work, from WFD, in another folder than the one in which you actually worked your faceclock. Maybe it will work, and it will definitely result in a file with much less Mb. However, it moves properly on the Clock Skin Browser

Yes, Vlad, it always has worked in the WFD browser, but nothing I have done will make it work on a watch…

Why not using an image list with 24 pictures and a framerate 24 frames per day?

Nice idea, G1N, but not worth the effort. Pretty sure watch software can’t handle AutoRotation/24Hour…

Here is a beta version that maybe solves the issue :

Be careful, this beta is not tested yet.

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