Pushing messages to watch via wifi/internet

Hello, I ended up buying a Kospet Optimus Pro and I was wondering if there’s a way to push messages via wifi/internet from Phone to smartwatch?

Yes, it’s possible. For Android phone or iPhone?

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I want to forward, especially, whatsapp massages from a android phone to the Optimus pro via wifi/internet

You can install “tablet messager” from the playstore on your watch. It uses whatsapp web to push the messages to your watch. It works for iphone and android.

Thanks you for tour quick help! Sounds promissing, unfortunately I’m unable to scan the code because the screen is to small.

Do you also know an app to push missed calls?

I’m using it on an Optimus pro, it works fine. You can pinch and Zoom.
Go to settings and activat 3rd party app adapter is the 2nd posibility.

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It worked, thank you for your great help!:grin:

You are welcome, mate.