Purple Glow watch face. Digital & Analog. Heart rate, date, temperature, steps, battery.

Purple Glow watch face.
Digital & Analog.
Heart rate, date, temperature, steps, battery.
The outer ring moves also, so the reflection doesn’t stay in the same place.
Tested it on X3+ and it looks fine.
Would like to see how it looks on a bigger screen. Thanks!
Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9G7wZ_BsKFmdUZyenBkbXVHNEk



Very good! Thanks!

Looks cool
won’t download!

Downloads to phone
what files do I place in watch folder for it to show up in watch maker app

@Balisong_in_the_key What watch model do you have?
For Finow/D5 watches you place the unzipped folder in the ClockSkin folder on the watch.

Works also on KW88

Got it thanks

Nice face, thank`s

Hi, I’ve got a question about the clock engine. how does it make a difference between digits ans graphics for the battery level ?

Is it just because of the missing picture “Bat_percent.png” referenced inside the Bat.xml file ? (Bat_percent.png)

Nice jobe anyway.

@Roland_Tanguy_Lannuz : It’s not the percent file, it’s about the files used. I used pictures of battery level instead of pictures of numbers. The graphics still uses two pictures to display it, it’s just that I’ve hidden the second picture and the percent symbol. If you look inside the skin folder, you’ll see that the dial is a black circle(watch_back.png) with a rectangle cut out in it. Then, I’ve put the Bat.xml under that dial, so the only visible element of it, is the first digit(in this case, graphic).
Hope I wasn’t very confusing, but I don’t think I can explain it better than this.

OK, this is what I thought.
I do understand how it works for values between 10 and 99 because the the tens digit.

But what about the values under 10% ?
They don’t have a leading “0”, do they ?
Isn’t 9% displayed as 90…99% and so on ?

And, what about 100% ?


Yes, 9% is displayed as 90-99%. And 100% is blank; black background. That’s why I kept the digits too. Unfortunately, this is a limitation of the current engine, when using this technique. I find it acceptable because the watch rarely stays at 100% and people rarely let it drop under 10%. At least this is my case.