Purchase Optimus Pro 7.1.1?

Hi everyone, is it still interesting to buy a Kospet Optimus Pro 3 / 32G? Or to wait until a Kospet with Android 10 is released. The prices of the Optimus Pro are very diverse on Alieexpres. Thanks in advance for the information.

I feel it’s a bit soon for Android 10 devices unless you feel adventurous.

The Android 7.1.1 are quite stable right now are a better choice if you do not want to deal with known bugs.

It’s a matter of latest and greatest or stable and proven.


The Optimus pro is a good watch, plus the incredibly brilliant AMOLED display. However, this is quite small at 1.39 inches. The future certainly belongs to Android 10 watches.


What should I think of the price differences regarding Kospet Optimus Pro on Alieexpres, is the build quality the same everywhere?

Yes, the build quality will be the same.