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I recently bought a lem12 pro, to also have a circular smartwatch at my disposal.
And I compared it to my LEMFO LEMT.
The speed difference is insane, I don’t understand if it’s because of the cpu or the lower screen resolution (I know that affects it).

I am writing here because I would like to replace my LEMT with the MAX-S (which unfortunately mounts mtk6739), has anyone had the LEMT and can you tell me in terms of performance if you have noticed important differences? (I noticed the difference in cpu also with the voice assistants, the new cpu is much more responsive)


Your post is confusing . Do you mean " has anyone else got a Max S ) ?

sorry, maybe some translation errors.
I meant if any MAX-S owner has had a LEMT in the past, and has had the opportunity to compare performance in terms of speed and fluidity. They both have 640x480 resolution, I don’t know if the smaller screen can affect the speed. With the Lemt I notice some slowdowns that I don’t like (for example delay in opening the voice assistant from tasker, with the lem12 pro it’s a whole other story)

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I cannot compare as i only have a Max S . I think our moderator @Eric_Crochemore has both ? Maybe he can answer your question

thank you!

The MaxS is as fast as other recent watches, i’ve noticed no issue on normal usage.

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after trying MT6762, i realized they are something else, i would like to pair now to my lem12pro, another rectangular.
But with this cpu there is only the Lokmat MAX (which, however, has restrictions on the firmware, app administration settings).
In any case, the MAX interests me, but I can’t find it with shipping to Europe (I don’t like going through customs and waiting a long time),
where did you buy it? do you know any shops that sell it in europe? Thank you

The Kospet Note and The Ticris Max S are the same . You will have to shop around . Custom charges are hit and miss

thank you very much, I did not know what was from Germany, usually I find them with shipping from Spain

putting Germany, shipping December 4, when aliexpress has that type of courier, it is not good

I would try direct from here . Kospet send quickly


unfortunately not, from their direct link I am CN, USA, and I live in Italy :frowning:

The Kospet Note is available from Amazon.de/Amazon.it, however at a higher price due to storage and shipping.


I am new …and do not know to post a question…I have problem with a Lem14…do not boot…I tried to flash but receive this error:

with adb devices I do not see anything…

Read this

Use " firmware upgrade " not " download "

Make sure watch is off

Make sure you have correct firmware from this forum

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I do not know if the watch is on or off - has a black screen - but when I push power button appear MTK driver Com3 or 4 …want to flash but apear red colour and error message…


Then keep trying to power on until battery is completely dead . Then try to flash

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Thanks…I will wait some days…

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