Psychedelic - Number Nine

After you have consumed a sufficient number of sugar cubes, and have chanted “Number Nine” for two hours streight, or rather trippin’ yer head off… You will need this watch face.!

It is a direct rip-off of the Smoking Monkey watch face, or maybe it is a homarge to that face?.

I went over to Pixabay for inspiration.

All the apps are stock on Olympus 2 with the exceptions of Samsung Wear and the Flashlight (on Playstore it is from FreeApps.mobii).

I offer this not just as an awesome watch face, but rather as inspiration for the watch faces that are to come from them better than I!



Download Psychedelic Watch Face


Nice to see a lot of my components in this watch face . I personally am not bothered but if you use components from other users clockskins you need permission first before posting . Nice work :+1:


This looks like Your base work :slight_smile:

Nice work, How about Power consumption ?

I guess that depends how you use the watch. My lift to wake time is default. Apart from that display is only on if I use the watch. So for me there is no difference between watch faces. Now if I used always on… I guess that would eat electrons - but I don’t.

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You can say none of it is my work. Layou,t scripts and graphics are Dr. Vishnu.except some icons - stolen from google icon searches. The background is stolen from website referenced above.

But the final result is the most psychedelllic watch face I’ve seen And most apps I use are available from the face.

I’m shocked how few watches make use of animation possibilities, or putting added functionality into faces. Like most faces seem inspired by ‘real’ analogue watches. Smart watches cannot emulate analogue and the faces will never look like ‘real’ faces.

And for sure it would not have been possible without the good doctors Monkey!


Yup, we no need to invent the wheel again when it is already available, it will be wise just adding a credit, so the owners will be happy.

Any Way, again it’s nice work. Keep it up :slight_smile:

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Yeq you got Number Nine an that fine. At the end of every trip there is Revoltion! Number nine. Number 9 NUMBER 9