PSA: Do not use Sesame Shortcuts with Nova Launcher *on OPTIMUS 2*

I love Sesame Sesame Shortcuts integration with Nova Launcher however I would highly recommend you do not use it on something like Lemfo or Kospet,because it will majorly drain your battery. I have no battery stats to show but at least in my experience, I noticed my OPTIMUS 2 was starting to get extremely warm after installing and granting permissions.

It took about a day after having charged the device fully and booted up, it started to get warm very fast, which was concerning.

I started closing every app to narrow down the culprit. As soon as I uninstalled Sesame Shortcuts, almost immediately; the device started operating at normal temperatures.

I wish I could use it on my Optimus 2 given the small screen size because it’s super useful in quickly launching an app shortcut. I have it installed on all other devices I use.

Sesame Shortcuts has a lot of background refreshing and permissions to save shortcuts it takes a more considerable toll on battery life; more than I’ve seen on my other Android devices. (Redmi, Samsung and Motorola,)


BTW, the Nova Launcher won´t even start on my Optimus 2 (stock firmware 1.8 from 2022, Pro+ version with 128GB ROM), and Microsoft Launcher does not start as well. Does Optimus 2 need special version of these Launcher, or is there a specific Launcher working good on this watch?