PSA (09/27/2016)

It has come to out attention that members of the community are asking various brands for quantities of watches for free. That, with use of vague( or not so vague) phasing, the requests can easily be interpreted that these members represent the community as a whole. Furthermore, some of these requests also read like a casual business proposal.

We have no issue if someone, as an individual, wants to contact the brands. We do take issue when the representatives that we talk with on a near daily basis get hit with a request, like mentioned above, for as many 5 or more watches in a single request. We have worked long and has to try to maintain a working relationship with these brands, and even call some of their representatives friends. The commercial watchfaces section, and makers corner, are prime examples of the efforts both ourselves and the brands put into making this community better.

With the serious potential for damage to our working relationship with the brands and their representatives, and the time it takes to clear up these matters, we have but little choice but to ban those that make such requests of the various brands. To make it very clear, we means the entire moderator staff.

To the various brands and their representatives
We do not condone such quantity requests, and these requests are done without the community owner’s or moderators’ knowledge. We appreciate that you have contacted us directly in these matters and apologize for any confusion such requests may have caused. In addition to this post, I will personally contact you with a formal apology on behalf of the entire moderator team.

The Moderator Team
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