Problems with my Kospet Prime 2

I’ve been using Kospet Prime 2 for several months and I think it’s a great product, but … I do have some comments and problems.

First of all, the quality of the translation of the interface into Polish is terrible.

Secondly, the Fitness application freezes or restarts the device after a few minutes of activity.
While the poor translation is acceptable, resetting the smatwatch is very annoying.

I thought the updates would fix these problems but unfortunately nothing changes.

Does anyone have similar problems with the Fitness app ?


I think most, if not all of us who use the watch for sports activities, use My Running app, which has many many more features :ok_hand:


Use strava and google fit instead.

@Dotsfar, @Mark2,
That’s what i did. I have installed the MyRunApp and Endomondo applications and am using them. However, you admit that it would be nice if the preinstaled application worked as it should and you would not have to replace it with other applications.

Yes, of course, it’s just that they are so limited in functions that I have no use for them. One should have the right to expect every software part of the delivery to be working without serious errors.

Maybe it will seem boring but I like how something I have works and I don’t have to replace it with something else.
I recently turned on the Fitness app (outdoor running option) and after five minutes my watch has reset. After restarting the statistics of the number of steps taken, I saw what you can see in the attached pictures.

Over 140,000 steps in 5 minutes … I think I’ll report it to the Guinness Book of Records.

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