Problems with my charging dock (No1 D5) One of the four little brass pins

Problems with my charging dock (No1 D5)
One of the four little brass pins is stuck in the “down” position… I believe that I can charge my watch but I can’t connect it to my PC (to download skins - which is a right royal pain in my twerking gear for me)…
I took the dock apart to examine it in more detail and it appears that the little brass retractable pin no longer wants to spring back into position… even after I’ve reset it…

Worth a try… I’ll keep you posted… :slight_smile:

The watch charges and if I wiggle and wiggle it I sometimes get a connection to the PC…
WD40 not worked so far… it’s as if the little spring inside the pin is cream crackered…

Buy a new one here…

in worst case cenario I would put a tiny bit of solder on top of it just to “get back the contact” between Watch and Charger… and if for some reason it stop working completely, you can always use a old usb cable and do a “direct contact” to the back of your watch, similar as when we do to the motherboard to revive a bricked device… lol just ideas Andrew… don’t get mad :slight_smile:

Thank you all your ideas and support… :slight_smile:

@Andrew_Davis , with me the same thing happened to the charging base. It was not the spring that broke, but the “pin” interior disappeared. Apparently, the contacts are made by two “pins”, one on the outside of the base, and another on the inside of the base (male and female with a spring inside). They have movement due a spring which moves the two pins, and the inner broke and no longer “pushes” the pin to outside. Check and see if some solder inside helps the spring to push the pin to outside.

[EDIT] The correct name the pin are pogo pin

@Sergio_Paulo1 Exactly as you described, I think it’s the little spring inside the pin too…

I saved $2.99 and bought one from here…

Perhaps I could have bought a pogo pin, they’re 35c each… but you have to buy 100 :wink:

@Andrew_Davis ​, I had exactly the same problem. Even searched to buy some pogo pins =) but decide to buy a new charger, just as you did.
Now I have a fully working charging/connecting base at home, and the defective one at work, only for charging it.

I haven’t tried to add an extra bit (of something) to help make the connection… but I was wondering about swapping the pins around… are the pins in any special order?

I have tried swapping them around (had 2 defective pins though).
I believe the 2 in the middle are responsible for charging. And the other 2 for the connection. But I could be wrong.
Either way, I think if you have at least one defective pin you won’t be able to connect to your PC.
But as I understood you already ordered an extra one, so in the meantime I suggest you connect over Wi-Fi using something like AirDroid to transfer files. It’s not pretty, but will do the job until you receive your new base.
Note: One thing that will help if you decide to do this, is to set the watch to “always on while charging” mode at developers settings. Otherwise you will lose the connection every time the screen goes off.

@Alessandro_Domingos Thank you for the advice, always appreciated :slight_smile: