Problem with the KW88 Pro Android 7.0 display

After a month of using the smartwatch, on the display first appeared navy blue stains and after a few days it went out completely, it lights only two small points. What could be the reason I am asking for advice.
I attach a photo of the display

You mean only the skin display is wrong or all skins, or the whole display only shows that whatever you do…

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The screen in general does not light up, there are only two small points as you can see in the picture.
The logo does not light up when you start the android, you only hear the sound of the system being started

Ok, i suppose you have already reset the watch to factory and/or flash the FW.
If so, it looks like a hw issue with the screen or the GPU, it’s hard to say. Try to return the watch if possible…

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I did not reset to factory settings or flash. I do not know how to reset the factory settings because the screen does not work, but I did not flash the flashlight because I was afraid that the seller would not want to accept it.
Unfortunately, after contact with the sellers, the seller does not want to accept the complaint

Watch our YT channel for flash tutorials, fw should be available here.

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Can you tell me the details of the purchase please?
Where you bought it and the order number and the date of purchase.


For now I will not be flashing the watch, I am trying to enforce its return, and after flashing the seller might not want to accept it.
I will return to the topic if the seller does not accept it

I bought it on Aliexpress. Shop: ROYVSHG Watch Store. Order no .: 102020835375837
Here is a video showing the fault:
Otrzymałem go 2019.05.27.

Ok thanks.
If you want to email me all the details including your email address and the date of when you purchased the watch - I will try to persuade KingWear to step in and help.
To be honest it is the responsibility of the seller to solve this with you but if you are being refused I need to make KingWear aware of it.
So any conversation that you have received from the seller and in fact everything related to the purchase - please send it to me at

Did you buy this on 27th of may this year?

Yes. I received it on May 27, 2019. And I ordered it 2019-05-13.

Ok thanks.
Please send me all the details and communication you have.
I will see what I can do for you.


I sent an email with information, if you have additional questions, please contact me

Hi, you solve the problems with display.?My Kw88 has black screen. I Change battery and nothing. I m using Kw88 1 year😑

Changing battery has probably distributed the screen connection.
If you know which connector is for the screen you can try making sure that it is connected properly.
Basically doing this kind of work on your watch is very risky due to the very tiny, fragile connections.
Battery is not supposed to be replaced by a user.

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I Change battery after when screen was black. Propaply me screen is dead. But is a true, inside conection is very small.
Now i need to buy kw 88 used model. Thanx for your answer

Ok, I understand.
Yes maybe buy one for spare parts is a good idea :+1:

I Already order used, :grinning:and next step update Softwer. 1 month without my facewatches​:wink:.

Hello pablo, I want to buy an android smartwatch for my wife, can you recommend same a model? Thx

We have about 38,000 members. I think Pablo won’t get much sleep anymore if everyone requests a recommendation for a smartwatch from him… :wink:
Why don’t you ask the community instead? Just a thought…