Problem with some faces on kospet prime

Hi guys. Good morning for everyone, and many thx for the efforts u r doing.
My problem is that when i use the main activity ( stock launcher) all the watch faces are appearing, but when i try to use the universal launcher instead, i find that many of the wathfaces are not there, and see ( deleted icon ) instead. What could be the problem pls? I have rebooted my watch many times but nothing. Could any one help pls ? Thx a lot

UL will only show skins of the Clockskin directory, no other skin. For the reason that :
Lot of people do not want to see them
And they are located on different places, depending on the watch.


Thx Eric for ur quick response. What shall i do so pls ?

You’ll find thousands of faces here in this community. You might download some of them.
Watchmaker faces will also work on UL.

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I have some of them already. But when using UL most of the faces are not showing up. And the only thing i see instead is a round icon with (deleted). And thx a lot for ur response my friend

Ok, you have to make sure that you only put the Clockskin into the Clockskin folder. Sometimes the clockskin is in an extra folder, then it doesn’t work.

Am using the UL that i have downloaded from play store.

Already did. But same problem.

That is strange, because I know that it work. I’m absolutly sure that you missed something. How do you install the faces?

As described in many forums. I unzip the file and copy it on my watch in clockskin folder. I say when using the stock launcher all the watchfaces are there ( except .watch files). But while using the UL, most of them are replaced by black round icon with ( deleted) writen on top and (- minus) sign. That’s all. Sorry for bothering

Your problem may be that you originally installed the face in a 2nd folder. Even if you correct this error, the 1st try image will be displayed. Delete the emty faces, give the folders new names and install again.

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Ok. I will try so and get back to u so. Even i tried to delete the already deleted icons but each try the icons still there. May be i have to reset the watch it could be better. Thx again bro

Sometimes it needs more than one try to deinstall them.