Problem with energy gauge


I noticed a problem with some of my watch faces on my D5 : the hand indicating the battery level is inversed and goes the wrong way. (ex : on the speedmaster pro face the gauge indicate 39% when the real level is 61%) .

Many other watch faces (like Porshe design face) are ok…

Is there something to do or to set on the defective faces ?

Thanks for your help

ok I found how to do with ClockSkin Maker : change rotating direction of battery gauge hand and modify angles …

don’t know why it woks on some watches and it’s the inverse on other ones … maybe a question of Rom.

With almost every firmware something gets changed with how the face engine works. The faces I designed worked right on early X Series firmware, battery rotation was broken on later updates, and now works on the lates D5, D5+ and Q3 firmwares.

I’ll point out that almost all the faces ever posted where done on the firmwares where my original faces didn’t work right.