Prob with Universal Launcher

hi ,
I just install UL on my new FAW with Android 8.1 to install custom watchface… But Steps not displayed always at 0000 value, same pb with heart rate.
Any explications??? Thx

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I’m sure @Eric_Crochemore can help you with this

This problem has already been seen on some unusual watches. It looks like the services are not available at the standard address.


Moved to unsupported watches.

So no solution? :confused:

That UL does not display steps and other data on some non-standard watches is true, but it is also true that Apps downloaded from the PlayStore certainly read the steps and I gave photographic evidence in the Universal launcher topic, last post. @Eric_Crochemore himself was surprised by this.

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yess i saw that steps app is ok, just have prob with watchface, also with battery level bar.

Maybe I didn’t explain myself, the images I posted show that various apps downloadable from PLAYSTORE read the steps (I have a CDS9), while Universal Launcher does not read the steps and consequently does not display them on the dials

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yes a prob of UL i think, i tried severals versions (3.2, 3.6 and 3.7), same prob.

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In fact, it’s not an UL problem, because it’s working on all watches which are supported here.


I will check if something has changed in the Android SDK…


What’s the apps?

For example this pedometer application, the one in the photo

or the other app as shown in the photo which is no longer on the play store:


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Thx a lot :wink: