Prime SE won't report temperature

Universal Launcher set to F, temp reads 32C (actual temp is 65F)
Thanks in advance for a solution!

If. Temperature in celcius is correct and farenheit is not, then I don’t know.

Eric, I didn’t make myself clear… Prime SE UL location is set to Denver (-8) which replaced New York (-6) and temp unit set to F.

With location “on” the watch reads 32C and never changes. It doesn’t reflect the setting of “F”, nor does it ever change from the one reading (32C)

32 is the default value, for me it just mean that the weather temperature is not read. If it’s a clockskin then the C will stay.

Yes, that’s the question… WHY isn’t the temp being read?

So, I’m back to my first question, are you sure that weather is working ? Does the weather updated message pop up ? Or are the -6 the celcius temperature ?
Are you on last UL version ?

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Yes, weather IS working. Perhaps my UL is out-of-date, what is the link to the latest version.
Thanks again for you attention to my dilemma.

Thank you Eric, I’ll let you know if this solves the problem…

That was not the problem; however I did solve the problem by a long-press on Main Location in the UL setting Edit Location.

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