Prime SE-Not registered on network

Hello Guys!

Recently I bought a Kospet Prime SE smartwatch. I made several calls, I sent sms, I used bluetooth function and browse the web with the internet browser of the watch.
A few days ago I flashed the new firmware for the watch via sp flash tool. I assume during the process something went wrong. When I restart the watch, that is not registered on the network anymore, I can’t make a call or send sms with the watch. The mobile data function also lost! The other things work very well. The watch recognize the SIM card but it doesn’t work! I research this problem then I found that maybe something about the IMEI went wrong. I purchased this watch to use this important feature! But it isn’t work anymore! I tried a factory reset and after that a full firmware flash but don’t work.
Can I repair it or flash it somehow? Because i didn’t make a full backup from the watch earlier. NVram.bin and nvdata.bin needed? Somebody could provide me files, tutorials or method to make my device fully operational? Its very important for me!

Thanks for any help in advance!!!

did you choose “Format All + Download” in sp flash tool? if so, then the imei is indeed gone

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Is there any solution to repair my IMEI? It’s very important for me.

I’m afraid, yes.

As it is an illegal tool, we can’t help you much, but a google search should help you.

Can you tell me where Can I start search? Please help!! I tried many methods, but none of them worked. Two days ago I sent an email to Kospet support but still no answer.

search SN write tool on google, can’t say anything more than this.

Thank you! I will search it!

In my opinion the apps and programs that can fix an IMEI are not illegal but it is how they are sometimes used that is illegal. However when restoring an accidentally wiped IMEI there should be nothing wrong with doing that. @Renegade87 PM sent.

I agree with your logic. I’m not sure if most people have their imei written down anywhere though, and if they haven’t then they will have to change the imei if it gets wiped

I write mine down but I was thinking if Renegade87 didn’t have it recorded he could probably contact the seller who I would think has the IMEI saved in a sales record so that if someone needed to return the watch they would know they were getting the correct one and not a swapped watch. Also not sure but maybe the IMEI is inside the watch under the battery like it is on most cell phones. Seems like it would be somewhere on a label inside anyway.
I just checked my Kospet Prime box and it has the IMEI on a label on the bottom of the box so I would think the Kospet Prime SE would also be on the box. I checked the Rollme S08 box and it also has the IMEI on a label on the bottom of it’s box.


Thank you! I will check it!