Prime SE issues

I just got a prime se and did pair with my phone via bluetooth using wiiwatch as well as watch droid. Actually my main aim is to use sim card and power the watch as a standalone phone. So far below are some issues which I encounter and hopefully can get some answers here:

  1. Tried wii watch and did received notification from phone whatsapp, sms, phonecall etc. However I cannot receive any notification from the sim card which is inside the watch itself such as whatsapp(messages or calls or video calls), sms and calls. I mean I installed whatsapp in the watch itself linked to link to the sim card that’s inside the watch, but can’t receive any notification unless i open up the whatsapp application.

  2. Tried watch droid to pair with phone. Only receive notification when my watch is inside the watch droid application, when i exit the app or when the watch screen is off it doesn’t work. Some actions of the watch droid requires the paid version thou but so far still puzzled why when the watch screen is off the notification doesn’t comes up.

  3. Still trying to figure out a constant heart rate monitoring to display on the watch face. Heart on top seems like it needs to get the paid version to work and not sure how to get it to constant display on watch face.

  4. Watch face is round but can switch to “square” mode however some buttons near to the edge will face difficulties pressing them.

First of all, wiiwatch must be completely uninstalled for watchdroid to work properly. Furthermore, please make sure that watchdroid is excluded from energy saving on your mobile phone as well as on the watch. This solves problems 1 and 2 …:wink:

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Will try your method of uninstalling wii watch then install watch droid but I think it still doesn’t solve the issue of the notification from the whatsapp installed in the watch itself when running with sim card.

Besides that, is there a way to use whatsapp with the same number on both my phone and the watch. Reason being I will want to continue receiving messages/calls on my watch when my phone is not anywhere near. When I tried to activate whatsapp on my watch with the same handphone number as my phone, it automatically disable the whatsapp on my phone.

Ah ok I did not understand that we were talking on whatsapp on the watch.
Whatsapp on the watch works without any problems. But you have to make sure that it is exempt from energy saving.
Furthermore, the normal mode must be set in the quicksettings in order to receive notifications from whatsapp.

With a sim card in both watch and phone - only one can have Whatsapp installed.
The other device needs to receive notifications.
Whatsapp only allows one “active SIM card account”- if that makes sense…
Otherwise it automatically disables one of the Whatsapp apps.

… but of course it is possible to use 2 different accounts on the watch and on the mobile phone.
There is also an app called tablet messager. This enables you to read and answer whatsapp from your mobile phone on your watch. It uses whatsapp web for this.
Unfortunately, this app recently had a problem with the active notifications on the watch. I’m not sure if this will work again now.

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