Prime battery went from 70% to Zero in 8 hours. Everything was off

Normally my Prime can be at 100% full battery in the morning when I get up if it was fully charged the night before. I leave cellular off, wifi off, bluetooth off, GPS off and have everything in the More > Background Cleaner > Battery Saver enabled to save battery power.

Yesterday I turned off an app I use for GPS and turned on GPS for an hour or so. When done I turned off GPS but forgot to turn off the App in Battery Saver. The watch had gone form 100% down to 65% in about 8 hours. Before going to sleep I turned that app back on in battery saver and did a ‘Clean’ function which I assume cleans memory of any apps not being used. I charged the watch to 70% before going to sleep.

When I got up the watch had turned itself off and would not turn on. I plugged in the charger which showed a red bottom battery which seems to be the way of saying battery is at 0% charge. After a few minutes it turned green bottom so I turned on the watch which was now at around 10% if I recall. Everything else was off as usual - GPS, cellular, Wifi, Bluetooth all off. I would like to understand why it ran down so quickly in 8 hours with everything off and memory having been cleaned and battery saver fully enabled for all apps listed. Maybe a fluke but it’s concerning it would lose that much charge in 8 hours with everything possible turned off and battery saving full on.

Its hard to say really although i think we have all had unexpected battery drain before . Usually its a app running in the background or watch isnt charged to the level you think it is . What you havent said if the drain " was a one off " or all the time . Maybe look at what you installed before the problem and remove . Also a factory reset generally removes persistant problems .


Thanks Dr_Andy_Vishnu. Nothing has been installed lately and no changes in any other way except as I mentioned using an app and GPS but turning off later. I just finished fully charging so I’ll see how it goes. I do suspect it was just a one off event. But I always like to understand why if possible to prevent it in the future. I hate to drain a battery all the way to zero as I think that’s hard on Lithium ion batteries. Other than last night battery use has been great with the Prime.

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Seems to be doing fine now as it’s still at 100% after 3 hours or so.

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Great news

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Yes it was still at 100% even after 9 hours so it’s back to normal. With nearly everything off including cellular I think it usually stays at 100% for at least 12 hours. I’m hoping the Prime 2 does as well.

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