Prime 2 with iphone

Hello, I have tried to find information on how to link the Konet Prime 2 with an iphone 11 but I have not found anything. Could someone inform if possible, thanks for the information.

Hi . You need to use the wiiwatch app to pair to your iphone .


Well, something does not go well, since I install the application by QR code, install and let me pair the Prime and well, but I return to the application it tells me that I am not connected.

I dont have a iphone and dont use this app . However it sounds like the connection is lost when the screen sleeps . Look in settings in watc h ( battery saver ) and see if you can turn off anything relating to wiiwatch app .

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Regardless you need a active simcard

Thats incorrect . The phone and watch can be tethered via bluetooth and app .

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