Prime 2 rebooting issue

Hi guys. Checking to see if anyone has experienced this issue with their Prime 2. I don’t recall ever seeing it brought up but then again my memory sucks and there’s a ton of Prime 2 posts to navigate that would cause my head to spin. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Anywhoo, (a quick snapshot) before I returned the first two Prime 2’s to Kospet and what from what I can recall and seems like was the prelude to the charging/battery failures in those was that the watches started (only a few times though) arbitrarily rebooting themselves.

Fast forward to the first of the two replacement watches which Kospet sent me (the second watch has yet to see the light of day). I’m pretty confident it rebooted itself atleast once, a couple of days ago. Today however, it rebooted itself multiple times while on my wrist and when taken off and on the counter.

This in turn kept causing notifications to continuously load which I believe (hoping anyway) led to the battery draining much faster that what I’ve been used to since I received them. I think it died after 6 or so hours. I don’t feel like the recharge was high enough either for the amount of time it was plugged in before unplugging it tonight. It was at 85% after 3 hours:

I’ve not been getting extraordinarily good battery life anyway with this one (the watches I returned actually gave me about 15 - 18 hours of use compared to the 8.5 - 9.5 with this one). This is straight out of the box and no adjustments made to any of the apps.

I’ve already reached out to Kospet and per their true character, they responded almost immediately. Very refreshing to say the least.

As soon as I have a few more conversations with them about what could be causing the reboots to happen, up to and including operator error (yes, I’m referring to myself :stuck_out_tongue:) and possible solutions to remedy said problem, I’ll provide that here for others who have lived through the same thing.

I was having reboot problems too but the latest unbranded firmware fixed that.


Let me correct that. I have “Power on sounds” turned on so that I will notice reboots, but I just discovered it isn’t working (no boot sound). So all I can say for sure is that I haven’t had a reboot while using the watch, which wasn’t when most reboots happened.

How do I check my firmware version and update as well if needed?

Per Kospet:

Hi friend:

There will be a new firmware update recently. You can update and check it out at that time.


Read this


If you have been using the factory stock firmware then it is the same as always - if an OTA is available then you can check the update app or you get a notification.

If you have switched to the FAW international firmware then you just check the correct thread here on the forum.

It is not coming as a KOSPET OTA at the moment.

Kospet is handing over the Prime 2 to Lokmat and it will become the APPLLP Pro.

Kospet will not continue to sell the Prime 2 after around 8 weeks from now.

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Kospet is jettisoning the Prime 2 after not even a year?

After one year they are licensing Lokmat to sell it.
Built by same factory to exactly the same spec.

You can’t expect a company to be selling 12 month old products when they are releasing so many new models.

At least it is still going to be available and will be the exact same device.

This does not mean that they will stop after sales support for it.

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Hi Pablo,

That makes sense. The more I think about it, the more I realize that most all of the cell phones manufacturers as well as the big smartwatch manufacturers (Apple, Samsung…etc) come out with atleast one big time watch every year and some of the smaller players come out with multiple smartwatches each year as well. Not sure why it seems so strange to me that Kospet is licensing it to Lokmat but I think it has to do with the battery failures in both watches I purchased as well as what seems like a lot of other people experienced as well. Gotta remember, we only know of those who have come here and reported it. Not the masses that probably had the same experience after buying theirs and dealing with Kospet themselves. I gotta believe the battery issue was pretty widespread after seeing multiple people report it here, before both of mine failed as well as after I reported my experience. I guess I still feel like it’s unresolved, even though they replaced the watches. A bit gun shy I guess.

They can’t grow without offering new products and they can’t offer new products remaining in the past.

You’re the voice of reason my friend. :grinning:

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There are some exceptions when they have a really good product that still is in demand. I have had my Lemfo Lem 10 for almost 2 years and have used it on almost a daily basis. I have not had one issue with it. They are still available for about $100US in the Lemfo store. A square watch just works better in a square world. My other part time watch is the Genesis also a great watch. I sealed my Sim card door with a flap from a waterproof band-aid and have never experienced any problems with it either.

Agreed . Well regarding the Lem10 anyway . A firm favourite of mine and a bargain buy at the moment