Prime 2 ordered!

Ordered Prime 2 Oct 28 from Bangood. Very excited to explore my purchase with this forum. The first hurdle will how long it will take to get here. :grin:laughing :grin:


Good idea to have a thread for the eager of us awaiting delivery. I also have one on the way, and am eagerly awaiting it to reach the first tracking point on it’s travel.
How about you, do you have tracking yet ?

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I do not. I have not checked today though. I will check shortly and get back to you. Perhaps you will keep us updated?


Mine reached 1. tracking location in Europe :ok_hand::grin:
Hmm, too happy too fast. Only electronic notification of shipment received. Not the actual package…

Appreciate those of you that are in the vanguard of ordering this watch. I will be watching your experience closely.

Now, after over 2 weeks, my tracking changed to “Entered the postal network”.
So looks like it will start it’s travel through Europe soon :ok_hand:




Congratulations!! I’m still waiting for it… :+1:

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Ordered mine on 26 Oct. Estimated shipping date which keeps moving is now 21 Nov.

Hopefully I get it this year still.

I had the first Prime and loved it. Then I saw there’s a Prime 2 and absolutely need to acquire it. However, I wish it was easily available in the U.S. like the first Prime is.