Prime 2 camera failure and power on/power off button

Hey guys, I’m on my 4th or 5th Prime 2……lol, it’s okay. It’s fun learning about it. Plus Kospet’s after sales team is amazing as they’ve always been very easy to work with. With other issues, I’ve had to return the watches for replacement but I’m trying to minimize the money they put out for shipping expenses as they’ve always reimbursed me for that cost, in addition to paying to return the new ones to me.

In this case the camera has failed on one and the power on/power off button on the other so I’ve agreed to have them send me the parts so I can either fix it myself or find someone close by who can. It’s a win, win situation. Plus Kospet has officially discontinued the watch so there won’t be any further return for replacements. Only return for repair, though they may have to be returned against the latter of the 2 options since I’m having trouble finding anyone locally who will consider attempting the fix. It’s stupid. You’d think it’d be a “great opportunity” since the watches are not prevalent here in the USA.

The parts are on their way but was wondering what the likelihood was of correcting the camera issue was by doing a factory reset. Has any one had luck doing that? I realize it probably cant hurt but the camera won’t even open, though I know it works in Apps like Instagram as I video chatted with my sister tonight.

Is it pretty involved switching the cameras out or somewhat of a simple fix, like plug and play? How about the power on/power off button? Simple fix or involved? Better left to the pros to fix or can any old Joe fix them?

I’m trying to avoid returning them to Kospet but in the end it may have to happen.

@pablo11: any thoughts on this?

It’s always a good start to factory reset the watch and you will know if it solves anything.


A factory reset is always advised as @Eric_Crochemore said . You will be surprised what it can fix if its a non hardware issue . I am surprised you have been returning watches etc before trying this first ?
As for repairing watches ( if requires ) @pablo11 probably has the best knowledge on this as he knows more about the internal construction

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Thank you to both @Dr_Andy_Vishnu & @Eric_Crochemore for confirming that’s the first direction I should go. Makes total sense though.

The first, 2nd & 3rd returns were due to charging issues in one form or another as they were some of the first released. The 4th was due to a camera hardware failure and software issues which caused the screen to go blue with Chinese writing. I assume it was the inner most part of the program. The 5th and 6th are these two. I can do a factory reset on the one with the camera issue and will as soon as I can but the other one won’t turn on. It’ll charge though.

Oddly enough, I have a 7th one as well. Still in the box unused but is on the verge of being opened for use (in the event the reset doesn’t help).

Always have to have a back up. Ya know? :grinning:

Hi . I have had the blue/screen issue and also the charging no power issue . Both were fixed flashing the fimware :+1:

Rather than returning / fixing this is certainly worth a go .

Firmware -

Always make sure you select " firmware upgrade " when flashing


@Dr_Andy_Vishnu and @Eric_Crochemore, I took your advice and did a factory reset and just as stated, it solved the problem. The camera issue went away and works just fine. I hate the fact that I lost everything after getting it to where I wanted but I guess it would have happened anyway.

Thanks for the help.


No problem . Sadly you ended up in a position getting seven watches which from both sides must have been costly and time consuming .

Very much so. Lost time with the watches on my side and financially with shipping costs going both ways and the cost of the replacements they sent while graciously trying to make me happy. What I am surprised about though, as you were with me not attempting a factory reset first, is that they never asked me to do it or inquired if I had. For as much as it makes sense now, I would like to think that’d be their go to fix, then take whatever next steps are needed if the issue didn’t get resolved. Was such a simple fix. Nonetheless, they were gracious enough to entertain the problems I had and do their best to make it right which speaks volumes about who they are. I’ve been sold on them since my first involvement with their after sales dept. Despite the issues which arose with the watches, it hasn’t changed my perception of them. Top notch to say the least. I absolutely love the Prime 2……now, if I could just get them to out live me…… :grinning:

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I am surprised also that Kosept didnt recommend this ? However one thing it has shown is that Kospets customer service is the best :+1: . @pablo11 is in direct contact with Kosept so i’m sure he will pass this conversation onto them . Thanks


Perhaps an interesting observation, that there is something in the usage pattern of Cigarcia, which seems to consequently disturb the camera so that it doesn’t work anymore before a reset. This points to a FW issue, which could/should be investigated, to prevent this issue.

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